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RMI Thumbs UpIn order for any business to effectively compete in today’s global economy, a high standard of quality in both management and production must be maintained and documented. The International Organization for Standardization is a group of several hundred countries with the purpose of promoting common standards worldwide. Resource Management offers programs in ISO 9001:2000, ISO/QS 9000, and ISO 14000. ISO/QS services include:

TQM (Total Quality Management) advocates the development of true “customer – centered” company focus and inter-unit cooperation: structured problem solving; a reliance on quality control standards/ measurement; a system of rewards and recognition for excellence; and senior management’s long-term commitment to the ongoing process of improving quality. Our TQM program includes:

Our Introductory Six Sigma program is an integrated, disciplined, proven approach for improving measurable results for any organization. The Six Sigma method and message makes improvements by using a set of strategies, statistics and methods to improve the processes used to do everything from designing to manufacturing a product; from marketing products and services to providing business information to internal and external customers. By applying the rigorous practices of Six Sigma companies can achieve breakthroughs in financial and quality performance that would otherwise be unattainable.